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Food, Milk & Beverage Suction/Delivery Hose

Food, Milk & Beverage Suction/Delivery Hose

Item Code: 2691
Special food suction and delivery hose designed for fatty foods such as milk, edible oil and dairy products. Also suitable for beer and potable water either in-plant or tank truck service. Blue synthetic oil and weather resistant rubber cover and a white smooth NBR food quality rubber liner, incorporating high strenth synthetic cord and steel wire helix reinforcing. Temperature range from -30C to +100C
Product CodeDiameter (mm) IDDiameter (mm) ODWorking Pressure (PSI)Burst Pressure (PSI)Weight (kg/m)Roll Length
D610-01919.132.01504500.9020 | 60
D610-02525.438.01504500.9520 | 60
D610-03231.846.01504501.3520 | 60
D610-03838.152.01504501.5020 | 60
D610-05050.866.01504501.9120 | 60
D610-06363.580.01504502.5820 | 60
D610-07576.293.01504503.6120 | 60
D610-100101.6120.01504504.9820 | 60


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