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Chemflex Ptfe

Chemflex Ptfe

Item Code: 2864
Chemflex AS2594-1983 composite hose range is suitable for the suction and delivery of a wide range of chemicals. Constructed of polypropylene films and fabrics, the hoses are resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents. Internal and external helix wires bind the hose together and deliver its pressure handling characteristics and a tough PVC coated fabric cover forms the outer cover. Chemflex PTSS is PTFE lined for increased resistance to aggressive chemicals. Heavy duty and Lightweight available upon request. Internal wire: Stainless steel, External wire: Stainless steel.
Product Code Size Diameter (mm) ID Diameter (mm) OD Working Pressure (PSI) Bend Radius (mm) Weight (kg/m) Roll Length
CH2200-050 2" 51 65.0 203 175 1.85 20
CH2200-080 3" 76 92.0 203 300 4.15 20
CH2200-100 4" 102 120.0 203 350 4.80 20


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