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W3 All Stainless Steel Wormdrive Clamp

W3 All Stainless Steel Wormdrive Clamp

Item Code: 2995
The W3 all stainless steel wormdrive general purpose hose clamps are ideal for hose sealing and use in many different applications with a high mechanical load. With its tensile strength, high fracture torque and even tension force distribution, it sets the standard for modern hose clamps. Band, Screw & Housing: Stainless Steel throughout (1.4016/AISI 430)
Product Code Size Pack Quantity
W3008-012/7.5 8-12mm 10-100
W3008-016/9 8-16mm 10-100
W3010-016/7.5 10-16mm 10-100
W3012-020/9 12-20mm 10-100
W3016-027/12 16-27mm 10-50
W3020-032/12 20-32mm 10-50
W3025-040/12 25-40mm 10-50
W3030-045/12 30-45mm 10-50
W3035-050/12 35-50mm 10-50
W3040-060/12 40-60mm 10-25
W3050-070/12 50-70mm 10-25
W3060-080/12 60-80mm 10-25
W3070-090/12 70-90mm 10-25
W3080-100/12 80-100mm 10-100
W3090-110/12 90-110mm 10-100
W3100-120/12 100-120mm 5-100
W3110-130/12 110-130mm 5-100
W3120-140/12 120-140mm 5-100
W3130-150/12 130-150mm 5-100
W3140-160/12 140-160mm 5-100
W3150-170/12 150-170mm 5-100
W3160-180/12 160-180mm 5-100
W3180-200/12 180-200mm 5-50
W3210-230/12 210-230mm 5-50
W3230-250/12 230-250mm 5-50
W3260-280/12 260-280mm 5-50
W3280-300/12 280-300mm 5-50


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