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W1 Mild Steel Super Clamp

W1 Mild Steel Super Clamp

Item Code: 3009
The Super Clamp or T-Bolt Clamp is a heavy duty hose clamp designed primarily for use in applications where hose clamps must meet stringent requirements. In particular if suction and pressure hoses (complete with plastic or steel inserts and high shore hardness values) are to be connected and attached.
Product Code Size Pack Quantity
GBSW1-019 17-19mm 10
GBSW1-021 19-21mm 10
GBSW1-023 21-23mm 10
GBSW1-025 23-25mm 10
GBSW1-027 25-27mm 10
GBSW1-029 27-29mm 10
GBSW1-031 29-31mm 10
GBSW1-034 34-37mm 10
GBSW1-040 37-40mm 10
GBSW1-043 40-43mm 10
GBSW1-047 43-47mm 10
GBSW1-051 47-51mm 10
GBSW1-055 51-55mm 10
GBSW1-059 55-59mm 10
GBSW1-063 59-63mm 10
GBSW1-068 63-68mm 10
GBSW1-073 68-73mm 10
GBSW1-079 73-79mm 10
GBSW1-085 79-85mm 10
GBSW1-091 85-91mm 10
GBSW1-097 91-97mm 10
GBSW1-104 97-104mm 10
GBSW1-112 104-112mm 10
GBSW1-121 112-121mm 10
GBSW1-130 121-130mm 10
GBSW1-140 130-140mm 5
GBSW1-150 140-150mm 5
GBSW1-162 150-162mm 5
GBSW1-174 162-174mm 5
GBSW1-187 174-187mm 5
GBSW1-200 187-200mm 5
GBSW1-213 200-213mm 5
GBSW1-226 213-226mm 5
GBSW1-239 226-239mm 5
GBSW1-252 239-252mm 5


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